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Sigit Pramana Putra lahir di Lampung, 27 September 1992, masuk kuliah di jurusan Arsitektur UTY (Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta) pada tahun 2010, dan kini masih semester 6 dalam proses kuliah. 

Monday, June 13, 2011


arisitek muda

(Architectural Design Studio II) RESUME WORKS ADVANTAGES Stupa II 
 SIGIT PRAMANA PUTRA 5105211035 (class a) 

• System structure 

The use of structural system on the 2nd floor of this building shaped grid, where the load can be evenly destribusikan span in both directions, so that this building has a power greater good betangan Tiu in width. 

• Material of concrete in the structure 

Concrete is used as the material structure of the building where the concrete is very instrumental in building strength, so that in the process of hardening concrete humidity should be maintained. Concrete has a compressive strength value is higher than the stronger tariknya.sehingga in this building needs a strong steel reinforcement added to receive the tensile force. In terms of cost, concrete offers high capacity and relatively low price, Concrete almost does not require treatment and reached 50-year period of construction and construction elements that have a high rigidity and safety against fire. • Roof This building uses wood roof truss construction where wood properties compatible to other structural elements, eg of concrete. Wood used is no wood durability class I.
Closing the roof using clay tile, which can reduce heat, with reddish-brown painted during finishing. • wood ceiling Ceiling used is wood ceiling, where the concept of nature appear on the ceiling with wood pasanagn expected home will be much cooler because it can cause a sense of cool with the wood, to clear the quality of the wood ceiling is guaranteed quality.
• Walls 

The use of red brick walls in the building where the wall is solid and strong, also serves as an insulation that is able to reduce heat. 

• Wood Floors 

The floor is used, a wooden floor, wood diamana floring cool when hot, warm when cold, beautiful and graceful, comfortable, familiar, does not catch a cold if you slept in, stain resistant and scratch-resistant, does not change color, fire resistant cigarette and have a durability which durable. 

• Ladder 

Concrete material on the ladder for stronger steps to accept the load, and with wood floors finished to use for cool and comfortable, and in terms of aesthetics is also very beautiful. Ralling households use wood for contrasting with the floor covering elements. 

• Podasi foot plate at the boarding house building 

The use of foot plate foundation, because materials and workmanship time more efficiently, not prone to cracking or fracture in the foundation, so that the concrete structures of buildings can be either stand by this foundation. 

• Aesthetics 

The use of natural materials in buildings and also with floodlight game, make one yourself aesthetic both day and night. Game warm lighting at night, and the game openings and floors that can feel cool when daylight hours. With the addition of bamboo at the building element is translated to the building is more cool and comfortable. Where is this building which will berkonsepkan nature that can provide the harmony of nature around. 

• Functional 

This building serves as a residence and boarding-kostan where comfort and security is considered, with the choice of materials that can freshen occupants, such as the use of wood floors, pool etc.. Aspects of this building security systems have structures that can withstand the load and distribute the load evenly and meneruskanya keadalam ground with the foot plate and help the foundation stone to hold this building.

 This is the second semester of my final project when administer a major stupa 

lecture : Wijanarko, S.T

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